Hunterspride Perm Reg'd

German Shorthaired Pointers





( Place's Smokin Blue X Lehmshlogs Katie )

July 21, 1995 - November 14, 2010

Sapphire was a fabulous companion, hunter, partner, teacher, co-pilot. Sapphire was almost 15 1/2 years young...ever the puppy.  Always curious, she was the "town gossip" - had to know everything that was going on. She loved children and hunting best, she was great with puppies.

We spent lots of time training together. We tried many venues and in most Sapphire had a knack of making me look very good, picking up the slightest nuance wherever needed. Sapphire completed her Canadian Championship in two weekends of showing with a group placement.  She had both her CKC and AKC Companion Dog titles in Obedience, she had her Agility Dog of Canada in AAC as well a her CKC AGN title that Denise McLean completed when I was not able to because of a knee injury...Sapphire was a spry 12 years old. I would also like to thank France Jackson for refresher training, we could not have done this without you both.

Denise was there at the beginning of my odyssey with Sapphire...she taught us Agility and Obedience. Sapphire was bright and keen to learn. One of my fondest moments in competition was when we trialed in Obedience, Judge Mr. Merlin Van de Kinder awarded us a High in Class at our favourite show LMDF...a large competitive class and Sapphire was flawless...we were in the zone.

Another special moment was with friends Laura, Denise and Heather, we competed successfully at "Drill Team" 2 years in a row at Lower Mainland Dog Fanciers big Fall shows. The first year traveling between Quesnel and Prince George, BC practicing in the dark with car headlights and a boom box for music...we WON! The second a little more challenging - we had moved to Vancouver Island - with only a couple of practices in we still managed to place second!

Sapphire was a character - she was never one to fade into the background. All who knew her had a favourite "Sapphire" story.

We know that Sapphire is chasing butterflies and birds in the fields over Rainbow Bridge.

We miss you sweet Sapphire...